- Excellent extender for volume of powder products in order to
  decrease cost of products.
- Increasing the product's taste,controlling and neutralizing the
  sweetness level of granulated sugar, preventing the sucrose of 
  browning,and keeping the products in shape
Application :
Adding in candy, fillings, beverage industry, bakery industry, and candied fruits.
- Easy to digest. Starch replaceable. Taste improvement.Spice
  attachment and improvement.
- Retaining the spice flavor longer and lighter the acid and
  alkali flavor, giving a freshly aromatic taste.
Application :
Candy, iced products, fillers, bakery industry, baby foods,biscuits, and dessert
Features :
- 0.3~0.4 sweetness level of sucrose (cane sugar)
- Easily digestibility.
- Luster and water retention of meat improvement.
- Anti crystallization, Freeze-resistance.
- Dough viscosity improvement
- Dextrin has the similar health value as starch, about 4kcal/g.